Changing the interior of your home so that it is fresh and current not only changes the look, but could change the way in which you host and spend time in your home.

Alderidge Construction can help.

Alderidge Construction works with a current design company to make your home a comfortable place where you love to be. The layout of a home is often not conducive to the specific families that live there. Older homes tend to have more walls then are needed for the living spaces and kitchens of a home. We can change your home to make it fit you and your family.

Our interior remodeling services:

  • Complete interior design
  • Changing the interior layout by adding and/or taking out walls, doors or windows (with an engineer involved where required)
  • Finishing basements to be suite ready
  • Adding or dressing up current fireplaces with the addition of stone or wood and/or mantles
  • Adding beams, crown or coffered ceilings
  • Changing texture on ceilings or going "flat"
  • Changing flooring (tile setting, hardwood, cork, bamboo, etc...)
  • Extensive finish carpentry work, which can include but is not limited to: crown, elaborate door casing, baseboard, wainscoting, etc...
  • Drywall work and painting (spray or roll finish)
  • And much more...